7 Bullets

Say you were out for a nibble

On a warm evening dawn of July

Say they say you’re suspicious

And they shout you to freeze like cold ice

Say they can breach your apartment

But don’t you dare entering your car

Drugs are not good for your heath man

Why don’t you better try out my gun?

Oh I’m not to blame I alert him

I’m the law and his face was so dim

Tried him to stop, but he just wouldn’t hark

So 7 bullets made it for me

I wandered the streets with my wallet

And some lousy fake dollar bills

No job of work to keep rolling

But they just don’t care if I can’t breathe

 And while taking a nap at the park man

After jumping a bit nervously

Yes I was told that my head was no lore

But that copper saw too much TV

Oh I’m not to blame I alert him

And my hand is too fast for to hold

Guilt in his eyes was as clear as my cause

So 7 bullets they did the job

Can’t turn your back to the ruler

He’s the one in the blue suit you see

So many years of submission

They will never let us walk free

 But if we folks fought together

Against pawns and masters of war

You that have always been lucky

Would be granting a far better globe

Oh and they are to blame let me tell you

¿Don’t you think that’s a stake to go with?

Nothing will grow while there’s crime out of tone

And 7 bullets are three child’s coach

Protesters raise their fists during a demonstration against the shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin