Gul Makai

She was born at home in the north of Pakistan
money wasn’t flowing so there was no hospital
Daughter of a poet, and a warrior in disguise 
This tale it begins in the warm month of July

Her name was a hint of the conquer she would bring
To enemies of freedom of this world we still live in
She’d been pretty special since the moment she arrived
Gul Makai ain’t one of those you can oblige to be quiet 

 The first time her voice spoke out when no others dare to breath
Bullets whistle had become a common thing to hear
And girls schooling had been settled as the biggest sin
By those who see their own ideas as a sacred writ

Fear could never stop her voice on speaking out her thoughts
There’s no greater weapon than defending what is just 
And as Swat was hurt again, a peace fighter arose

A bunch of courageous man they gathered around
And resolved those big brown eyes had to be shut down
Bravery as usual from the puppets of lost cause
Sending out a pawn to shoot child inside a bus

The one in the hood didn’t even know her face
So, he had to ask her name just before taking the chance
And the trigger set the spark supposed to end their snags
Underrating Gul Makai was their mistake from the start

Give a price to mountains and its essence will not change
Thank the rain for bringing life but it won’t stop pouring there
Gul Makai’s a force of nature and you better be aware. 

Malala Yousafzai.  Ragan Mcleod for The National

*Dibujo de Ragan Mcleod