Tangled Up in you

Early one #morning, the #sun was shining
she was lying in #bed
wondering’ where might he be
if his voice still sounds so sad

His #folks they said that their lives together
Sure was gonna be #rough
They didn’t like much her last divorce
She should have been less #theatrical

And she was standing on the edge of the road,
Clearly thinking about who
Convinced him to quit her last time they were together
God knows her ass was still firm
You crazy Fool
#Tangled up in you.

He was forty, when they first met
Always tense about his trace
He never had issues to write a song
But a troubled mind always pulls the breaks.

And the more she tried to understand him
The further she was to be
Too many #questions were never good
If you wanted to be close to him

And as they thought of a live together
Contradiction crossed their minds
He looked at her and the message was clear
You’ll be doing just fine
That’s for sure,
Tangled up in you.

She was working as a #skating waitress
As in the movies they all do
That’s when she heard that by showing some leg
Wages might multiply per two

Then she drifted out to L.A.
Where she reckoned she’d try her luck
Wondering where might she get hired
But never really had a doubt.

And all the while she was on the fight
Every time the tip jar sounds
She is met all kind of loners
And they all left her like a Launce
Out on the blue…

Tangled up in you.